Getting showered in Pittsburgh

Hopefully, I am not getting showered in the literal sense. But, I AM getting showered by my Pittsburgh/Cleveland friends and family. I have been unbelievably lucky in the party department. First, I had a shower here in Baltimore, which was amazing. Then, I had my wonderful bachelorette party weekend in Florida. And now, I am having a shower in Pittsburgh at a place I loved since I can remember.

I was always my moms shopping buddy when I was little (and then I progressed to being a professional shopper of my own of course). She took me to all sorts of cute shops, boutiques and arsty festivals. But one place that always stuck out in my mind was the Johnston House. It is a fine furnishings store that also has a tea room. It's beautifully nestled in an old house, and I just loved the charm of it. I remember trying to peak into the tea rooms and wanting to be able to "tea" with my friends. And now, I am finally going to experience it.

Tonight, I am hopping in my car with Wendy and Kathleen and heading to Pittsburgh to see my friends and family. Tomorrow morning we will be heading over to the Johnston House for the shower and tea, and I am so excited. It will be so nice to hang out with the family, see my some of my friends and finally get to TEA!

Have a great weekend!


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