Pittsburgh Shower Part 1

Since I am a very bad blogger/fiance/normal young lady, I totally forgot to bring my camera to Pittsburgh for the shower (which was a total dream by the way)! Luckily, both my mom, Kathleen and E took pictures for me. However, the only ones I have so far are my mom's (wink wink nudge nudge).

Let me just tell you, my mom is very talented. She has been working on putting this shower together for a while now, and it DEFINITELY showed. No detail was overlooked, and she just knows my style so well. She also gives me style that I do not have.

From the little glass birds she had created to match the colors of our wedding...

....to the adorable ribbon-adorned bird cage to hold the cards.

She has a real talent for party planning and decorating. Seriously, it's amazing. Like I mentioned before, the shower was at the Johnston House for tea. Because so often tea requires sugar, she had little yellow flowered sugar cubes created.

My mom had my neighbor who is a baker at The Ultimate Pastry Shop in Sewickley make adorable little yellow and white cupcakes, and she got little boxes to put them in. And, of course they were stamped with the awesome bird stamp she had created for us.

You can actually see the stamp on the adorable yellow bags my mom gave to everyone to carry their goodies.

As if that wasn't enough, my mom also got everyone a cute little yellow globe (pictured on the table below) with a little light inside of it as a "thank you for coming" gift. I thought they were beautiful, and they complimented the tables so nicely. Of course, the little lanterns that she tied ribbon around weren't too shabby either. 

As you can see, everything was just so beautiful, and I cannot thank my mom enough for putting all of this together for me. I never EVER thought that during the wedding process I would have such wonderful memories of the journey there. But, I am so blessed. This has all been so incredibly amazing, I kind of never want it to end.

There are a lot more picture and stories I would like to share, but those are going to have to wait until someone sends me their photos. :)


Kathleen said...

This is a great post Ash! Cindy is amazing and apparently, she is pretty good photographer too. Great shots, Cindy! Pete and I are trying to locate the charger for the camera so I can get the pictures off of it for you. Its got to be around somewhere!

Jill Aki said...

and her day job is medical records!? mom-in-law needs to get into event planning.

mommy g said...

Jill, I have already hired her to plan (wait first find a husband)for Erin's wedding and the events leading up to it!!!!!!!!!

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