Pittsburgh Shower Part 2

Sorry it has taken me about a week to post this, but I was waiting on some photos from someone, and then I got really tired/overhwhelmed/cranky at the end of the week. I must say that so far wedding planning has been a cake walk. I have enjoyed mostly all of it, and giving ourselves the time to really think about what we wanted was crucial. Now we are getting down to the wire, though, and life in general is just a smidge crazy.

Anywho, back to the Pittsburgh shower. I wanted to actually show some of the PEOPLE, since I am sure they all wanted to make an appearance on this here lovely blog. Sure.

First of all, that would be my awesome, talented mother who put the shower together and the best dad in entire the world (aka Ned Flanders, aka Gene!). 

On my dad's side, his sister (my Aunt Lorraine or Al as I call her), her daughter/my cousin Lauren and my Grandma all came. Lauren is in the wedding party, and we were pretty much BFF's growing up.

On my mom's side, we have Linda (my mom's cousin on the left), my great Aunt Garnetta  (in the chair), my Aunt Daneen (in the turquoise shirt, who is married to my mom's brother), and my grandma. Don't we all kind of sort of look alike? We all also apparently really like the color aqua.

My mom's best friend, Rennie, came too! She is just the sweetest, and I am so excited for her to come down to Maryland for the wedding.

And then we have some of the best friends a girl could ask for: Elizabeth (matron of honor), Kathleen (bridesmaid), me (duh), Lauren (cousin and bridesmaid), and Hannah (college friend).

And of course, we can't forget my wonderful future-mother-in-law pictured here with my mama. I am such a blessed girl.

As I mentioned before, everything has just been so wonderful and I sure have been showered with lots of gifts and love. The only real party left is the wedding!!


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