A sneak peak

I don't think it's any secret that Jared bought a 52-passenger school bus last year. However, he still seems to take a step back and blush when I just come out and say that he did it. Sure, it's not the most common purchase, but hey, we all have our likes. Many people ask us why he bought it and the short story is that he got in trouble on a bus when he was little, had to sit in the front and became obsessed with the mechanics and architecture of it. It led him to industrial design and an initial desire to design buses, trucks and cars.

While he didn't end up doing that as his daily profession, he does a lot of this on the side and continues (obviously) to be very obsessed with school buses. If you are in the car with him, he can tell you the make, model, year AND number of any bus on the road (EVEN when it's on the opposed site 500 ft away). It's crazy. He is also the only almost 30 year old drawing unreal sketches of cars and buses on the place mats at restaurants. Our favorite sushi waitress knows to bring him extra paper.

That said, the bus has become a part of us. It's always the funny story we tell - "Oh yea, we have a bus. It's at Jared's grandparents...in a garage...that Jared built." "Yea, Jared went and picked up his friend Maryn on the side of the road in his bus...and all the cars stopped."

So it seems only natural to have it be a part of our wedding. While it may or may not make an appearance in it's real form, it will definitely be making a debut on our wedding cake. Yes, you read that right. Granted, our cake is NOT going to be a school bus, but it will be sitting pretty on the top. Check it out!

That would be, me, Jared, the infamous bus and Sir Tai Poochie. Jared is obsessed with his bus, and I am obsessed with my dog. It just works. :)

I debated whether or not to reveal this, but I feared most people may miss this anyway. After all, sometimes the intricate details of the cake often go overlooked (at least by me they do). I couldn't believe how well Tai turned out either - he's so cute! The coloring and facial expression is just perfect.

So, yea, that is our wedding cake topper. I never said our wedding would be traditional, but it definitely screams "Ashley and Jared."


Janel (Eat Well with Janel) said...

I LOVE that story!!! Your cake topper is absolutely adorable. Where did you get it made?! I'd love to have that done for friends.

Ashley said...

Thanks, Janel! My mom ordered it from someone named Trish Randal. You can view her site here: http://www.trishrandaldesigns.com/002.html. She was WONDERFUL to work with and totally customized for us. She actually did the one for my brother's wedding, and you can see his here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9491413@N04/3946578206/in/pool-1227984@N21. We think they are so cute. Definitely let me know if you end up doing it!!

mommy g said...

I am so proud to say that I am this kids mom!!
I love him for always showing his passion.
When Jared was just in his early years in elemtary he drew one of his first 9 x 10 drawings and gave it to his Bubbie and Poppie. They had it framed and "signed"and it hung in their house so it could be proudly displayed for everyone to see!!!
How lucky I am to have him call me Mommy!!

~*~Leanne~*~ said...

Ashley, this is awesome! What a great story, too.

Melissa said...

I'm normally not a huge fan of cake toppers but that. is. awesome. :) So cute and I lvoe the story behind it!!!

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