Come here, boy!!

You recall the Puppy Love section of The Sweetest Occasion I mentioned a few days/weeks ago? Well, if you don't you need to go there, because the most recent entry is painstakingly adorable. This is what I envision in my head when I think of Tai Pooch flying down the aisle. Seriously.

On an unrelated note, I got my ring back today - woooohoooooooo!! They had to re-fuse (that word looks weird) all the diamonds, so hopefully all the little baby things will stay put.

To keep this post going in the "there is absolutely no theme here" direction, below is a website I stumbled upon featuring drool-worthy stationary. I know you are all going to think that I just like it because there is an owl on it and in the name of the company, Night Owl Paper Goods, but that's not the reason. Granted, it definitely helps make it more *awesome, * but the work created by Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatham is so unique and charming. They also make these adorable owl plushies (which are just the baby cutest) that I wouldn't mind getting, but again it's not because they owls. You can just tell the time and thought that went into each and every piece. I love them, and I wouldn't mind ordering an item or two.


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