The little details

We are at the point in our wedding planning where we need to start thinking about the little details. Sure, we have a few larger things to nail down (you know, the whole who is marrying us thing, the rings, tasting/selecting the food, etc.) But, those things are slowly coming along...barely.

Thankfully, my brother has offered to help design some of the small things (by offer, I mean I asked and he reluctantly agreed). Being that he is a graphic designer - and a pretty talented one at that - I really wanted to incorporate some of his style. He may not be so thrilled when I get all, "well, that's nice, BUT, do you think maybe you could make that a littttle bit bigger, and maybe like, change all of that," but I am super excited to enlist his help.

Specifically, Brandon will be helping with the table number system and maybe some other tags (surprise!). So, while I was trying to think of what I wanted, I stumbled upon on some images that are in the right arena.

I really like the feel of paper bags. And, much to my happiness, Brandon always makes things out of paper bags! I love the color, the simplicity and the texture. I think it will contrast nicely with the yellow, and I know Brandon will be able to "make it happen." (If he reads this he is totally going to be making fun of me.)

The look of the tags and table cards above are just so cute and sweet. I think it is charming yet understated. And, I think, that is what we are going least right now. Like I mentioned before, it seems to change a lot. 

On an unrelated noted (because let's be honest, why would I stick to one thing), how cute are these prints? Their messages are perfect. Of course, I forget who made these because I bookmarked them too long ago, but I sure do like them.


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