Another Day, Another Blog

That's right. Not a day goes by that I do not stumble upon yet another blog to add to my ridiculously long list. I know, I have said this before. I don't even bother putting them into my reader anymore, because once it got above 2,000 unread entries, I just flat out gave up. Plus, the sites I had been adding were so pretty, I didn't want to see them in the viewer.

Anywho, I discovered the blog The Sweetest Occasion a few days ago, but I discovered this special feature on that blog today. Can you guess what it is? It's something AWESOME. It's a Puppy Love feature where the blogger will showcase adorable dogs attending, participating in and stealing the show at weddings of all varieties. How freaking adorable is that???

{via the Sweetest Occasion of With this Ring's wedding}

So, I will now be glued to this special feature. And maybe after our wedding, we can get Sir Tai Poochie on there. I am also excited to get some potential ideas of how to dress him too. We all know how pretty he is all by himself. :)

{via the Sweetest Occasion of With this Ring's wedding}


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