Birds and Owls

Oh how I love anything that has these two creatures on them. Check out these cute little items below.

We already registered for dishes way back when and received them as an engagement gift. Now, I want these too. I mean how freaking cute are they? They do have a few cute vases and a picture frame in the same pattern too...hmm, there is an idea. I have to monitor myself, though, as we will end up being registered at 27 places soon (NOT Anthropologie, though. Nooooo, no, wouldn't want to have that option. Hmph).

 {via Love.Obsess.Inspire, available at Macy's}

Also, I just love this owl umbrella stand. Seeing as those we haven't experienced anything BUT rain the past week, it made me realize much these little gems come in handy. Adorable.


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