Tree Houses

You may recall my little infatuation with tree houses...Well, lookie look at what I found while reading through my never-ending google reader. Oh yes, BOOKS dedicated to TREE HOUSES. And not just little, dinky throw-some-wood-beams-together-and-walk-on-them-like-a- balance-beam-or-tight-rope, nooo no. They are REAL, amazing-looking, want-to-get-a-way-for-a-weekend tree houses with electricity and a balcony!! (Let's be honest, while I am obsessed with them, the whole roughing it part isn't exactly what calls me to them.)

I really should have known they existed. A quick little google search would have directed me right to one of them. Alas, I never researched, but now I am going to have a date with Barnes and Noble. I don't know what it is about them, but they just look so inviting (well, most of them).

Now, how do I go about getting one of these lovely getaways? Or maybe, I could just get a bunch of pictures and make a themed room with treehouses as the focus. Hmm, the options are endless. But, wow, was this a lovely find.


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