A little progess

We met with another DJ, Frank Young, and he seems to be quite nice. He has some great reviews, and he is going to send over some contacts so that I can personally talk to others that have used him. I find determining who to use as a DJ completely frustrating. How can you really know that a DJ is good or not? Sure, you can look at reviews, know they will play whatever music you want, etc. But how do you know? I'll keep you posted on how it all goes, but I don't find this part particulary enjoyable.

On another note (quite a fun one, actually), I think I have fallen in love with some tablecloths. While it's entirely too early for me to place any orders, Wendy and I stopped by Tabletoppers, a linen rental company, and I found an amazing print that I am completely excited to potentially use. While I don't want to put the print on here, all I can say is it is VERY pretty, and maybe...it has some yellow in it ;)

Regarding a little inspiration (because I always love to look at beautiful things), I saw this invite and had to share. I love trees and nature and something about this invite just captured me. While it isn't my typical preference, it helps me realize that my tastes are expanding.

{via 100 layer cake}


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