Monday Love's

So say I were to have a wedding shower that was at a winery (ideal), wouldn't these be the cutest little invites? And also, say that your best friend was definitely planning on having her shower at a winery, don't you think said friend should use these awesome cute little invites? I do. *hint hint*

{via iDiY}

In other news, for about the 874, 933th time I have found another photographer/musician/amazing artist group located on the west coast that I am obsessed with and want to hire IMMEDIATELY. My brother doesn't realize how good he has it - there are some ridiculously talented people in the LA/Seattle/Portland area. Not to say there aren't any talented artists on the east coast, I just keep happening to find ones that I positively love that never seem to be located anywhere remotely near me. I digress...The Flashdance is a collaboration between photographers Our Labor of Love (OBSESSED with), Max Wanger, and a DJ called The Human Jukebox. Most importantly, They even have the smilebooth! It's not cheesy when the pictures come out so charming and happy. Seriously, they are extremely talented...and I want to hire them (just in case that wasn't clear).

And last but not least, I leave you with something un-wedding related. In light of my recent obsession with treehouses (I think it's apparent that I feel the need to seek seclusion in nature), I saw this tree house on FFFound! How relaxing and perfect does that look? Maybe Jared will build me one just like this (next project - thanks, honey).


mommy g said...

My dearest Ashley,
Since Erin and I will be giving you the shower of your dreams, then I say LET's FINE A WINERY!!!!!!!!!!!

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