Style Me Pretty - Oh How I Adore You

One of the wedding blogs I read on a daily basis is Style Me Pretty. If you take a peak over there, it is pretty much a bride-to-be's dream. It has a ton of inspiration and offers a lot of guidance in terms of fine-tuning the look and feel of your wedding.

Well...last week (I think it was at least), they announced their own social network named Style Circle. It's described as, "...a place where brides, grooms and wedding junkies can rub elbows with one another, inspiring perfect wedding details and forever chic ideas." The most fabulous part for me is their inspiration boards!!

While I haven't personally put together many inspiration boards, I tend to stare for awkwardly long periods of time at others. Ask Jared, he says (in the Tai voice), "Ashley, what are you doing? Are you pretending that is our wedding?" And while I don't answer him out loud because my brain is too overloaded with dreamy imagery, the answer to that question is "YES!"

Other people's creative talents fascinate me, and I always wonder if somewhere - waaaay deep down there - I have any talent for it. Perhaps my brother hogged all the artistic talent (he's a graphic genius and I can't draw a stick-person to save my life), but I do know there is one thing I can do...Share my favorites with you!!

As of right now, below are the two boards I have been lusting over. Honestly, our wedding is 8 months away, and my favorites are already out.of.control. I can only imagine the state my bookmarks will be in a few months from now.

Lillian Grace

I think it is pretty obvious why I love the board above so much - HELLO YELLOW! But, it really is the whole feel of it. It's perfect. Love the candy jars, the cake and the yellow and white polka-dot ribbons.

Rustic Wedding

And for this one, there is something so calming about the rustic feel of this. It probably goes along with my obsession of tree-houses too.

My problem is that I need to streamline all of my 765,9897 ideas and come up with one vision. And maybe then I will make my own inspiration board. In the meantime, I will continue to obsess over other people's creative abilities and hope that something in me snaps and I can plan our entire wedding just as I see it in my head. ;)


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