Flowers - check (hopefully)

Pending that the florist hasn't given away our wedding date (and at the rate we are going with vendors, it's totally possible), we have selected our florist!! I really only looked at one because I contacted her on the recommendation of my dear friend, Kathleen. I went to her wedding, and her flowers were GORGEOUS (she also used this florist).

As you can see, she has a beautiful selection and is very reasonable. It probably helps that we already had our centerpieces - thanks to my mom - but I am very excited to work with Karen of Karen's Flower Markets.

Now, back to that DJ issue. You would think that working with a reputable entertainment company, you would receive top-of-the-line service. It is why we didn't just pick out any DJ on our own. In our experience in working with Washington Talent thus far, however, it has been a nightmare.

We met with a DJ who seemed perfect and booked him. Two weeks later, we received a call from the an agent saying that they accidentally overbooked him and that they would cut us a deal on another DJ. Jared called back, left a message to say, "Ok, that's fine, but find us someone else" and didn't hear back from them. At that point, I was already getting suspicious of the highly unprofessional behavior.

Jared had to call the agent again to get someone on the phone. Then, the agent set us up with another DJ to meet. In the meantime, Jared got a call saying he was delinquent in his deposit. Well, he actually did pay even though we didn't even have a DJ, and he was supposed to get it back days before that since they messed up...again. To top it all off, we were supposed to meet with the new potential DJ last week, and lo and behold, he never confirmed the meeting place and hasn't contacted us since. Isn't that just perfect? Needless to say, we are more than dissapointed with Washington Talent, and are music-less at this point.

It's baby steps with vendors. Little-itsey-bitsey-puppy-sized steps. ;)


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