Anthropologie - Small Request

Dear Anthropologie,

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am absolutely, completely out-of-control obsessed with your store. I have invested a lot of my hard earned money in you. You are a dream. I love to sit in your store, walk around at least 6 times to make sure I have seen everything, touch all the soft, pretty clothes and just pretend I live there. It's actually a joke between my fiance and I that I would like to spend our honeymoon there. I probably would, if someone wouldn't kick me out of the meticulously made bed when the store closed.

But, I do have just one little teeny tiny request. Could you please - just maybe - make it so that I could register for our wedding there? I know, I already asked a sales associate about this and she said it IS possible by putting things on a wishlist. But, the list doesn't update automatically nor does it allow people to cross off items in store. Basically, it is a big hassle, and I know my friends and family are not going to want to do all that just for a pretty little candle.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could add this functionality to your website as well as in the store. In fact, you can even contract me to lead the charge if you would like. Heck, I would do it for free. I think it would be a great investment on your part, and many anthroholics would just be falling over with excitement.

Again, I truly appreciate all that you do. I just have that one little baby-sized request.

Ashley Aryn Hrycyk-soon-to-be-Grodnitzky. (Yeah, I know. Someone with that type of name totally deserves to have their registry dreams come true.)


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha-OF COURSE you want to register at Antrho.

Jenn said...

This seems like a pretty reasonable request to me. Let's hope Anthro is doing social media monitoring...

Ashley said...

Thanks, guys. I clearly think it is a reasonable request. And,they can even get free work out of me if they let me do it. :) I would be eternally thankful, and weddings all around the world would start to be that much more exciting as the gifts would go beyond plain bowls and mixers.

mommy g said... the MOG, I was wondering why JG hasn't added to this blog about his DREAM!!!!!!!
Honeymooning in HOME DEPOT?

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