I Heart - Tuesday Edition

I love yellow. I guess that is pretty obvious considering it's the main color in our wedding, but I do. I love it because it is happy, reminds me of summer and makes me think of sun-kissed skin. That said, below are some of my most recent (as in today's) inspirational images. I absolutely adore mason jars and want to think of creative ways to use them more often. They are just so versatile, cost-effective and charming. Oh, and those invites - how pretty are those? Maryn, do you see this?

{via MS, smock., and amorology}

I also love owls (shocker, right?). I found the following image on Mint, where Ellie was discussing how to design a room for a a six year old. While I am not even remotely surprised that I love something that adorns a child's room, I still just think owls are amazingly unique animals. Ever since I saw a picture of one that my friend treated in the wildlife ward (it hurt its wing), I have been hooked. They don't even look real.

{via mint.com}

Lastly, I love this image via whateverlife. I never expected to find something like this there as I thought they only made MySpace backgrounds (and does MySpace even still exist?), but that teaches, yet again, I shouldn't be so quick to judge.

Hope you all have happy and healthy weeks.


mommy g said...

I need to buy those adorable chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Searching for my credit card as we speak......

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