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Hello lovelies, happy Wednesday!

I have a few random things I would like to share, and none of them relate to one another. This is how my brain functions - scattered. It's why my family loves me...right?

1) This weekend my parents came down to help Jared and me (but not really me, bc I don't actually build things) finish our closet. It literally took all weekend long. We even stayed up until 1am on Saturday night organizing. (That's late for grandpa J and me). But, it looks fantastic (thank you so much for your help, mom and dad).

I wanted to share one of the nice pictures I took on my nice camera, but Jared has taken my camera hostage and left it at work since Monday. Nonetheless, I captured a picture of it via iphone - a little fuzzy, but you get the point. It's lovely, organized and color-coated. It even had new lighting. What a dream.

2) Relaxing places - I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time dreaming up homes/getaways/relaxing places of where I could hang out for a day/weeks/months and just completely detach from the rest of the world. It's kind of a weird obsession of mine, but when I pass places driving in a car, I literally look for little places that I would like to hide out in for day (strange, I know).

That said, while reading one of my favorite blogs, Bliss, I stumbled across an entry on "happy places." One image in particular stuck out to me, and I can't get it out of my head. I want to be The trees, the colors, the smell I can only imagine of outdoors. Couldn't you just picture laying down, reading a book and letting the wind blow in your hair? I can.

3) A new blog - As if I need to add ANY other blogs to my already-too-long list, I found another blog that I am obsessed with, thanks to an entry posted on mint. Ellie featured The Hidden Seed, and I can't seem to peal my eyes away from it. It states in the header that it is a "blog dedicated to self expression through style." And that, it is. Not only does it feature an amazing woman with impeccable taste, the blog itself is gorgeous. Check out the header (below). Anyway, I truly appreciate her style, and adore the fact that she created the blog in hopes of helping other people recognize their creative abilities.


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What can I say ???? I raised TIM THE TOOL MAN aka JARED ANDREW GRODNITZKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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