Labor Day Likes

**Warning - it's a long one***

It's been a few days since I updated because I was in Florida, enjoying a little R&R in Wendy and Steve's amazing new house. You can take a peak at our loads of pictures here.

Even though I was away, the rest of the world did not stop, and I am thankful for that. :) I came back to an insane amount of incredible blog posts and some exciting new updates. Let's start.

1.) As you may know, I have the pleasure of being a Maid of Honor in my best friend, Elizabeth's, wedding. Her sister, Alison - also a Maid of Honor, and I are beginning to plan her bachelorette party. While I would love to share an idea I am thinking of for her, I can't share it on here...because she may read it. But stayed tuned, the creative wheels are grinding. Love ya, Biatch.

2.) My brother is getting married one week from today!!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to not only watch my brother smile on this special day, but also to see Portland in all it's glory. Planning my wedding and learning of all the creative talent that comes out of the Northwest has really made me want to spend some time there. While Jared and I will only be there for a few days, I am hoping to see as much as possible. And, how COOL is the place we are staying?? They have chalkboards in the rooms! Also, Jill posted the ring bearer photos on her Flickr, and I am obsessed. They are perfect, and I want them. :)

3.) While catching up on the wedding blogroll (my Google reader was above 700), I saw these framed objects by the., and decided I needed them. Seriously, how cute are these? I want. I need.

4.) Jared owns a bus. Yes, a big, yellow 54-passenger-not-a-little-tiny-short-bus. Many people ask us what we will do with said bus. We aren't sure, but I saw this picture and thought, "heh, maybe we could do a cute photo shoot."

5.) Don't be surprised if you see these exact same invites as our own (Maryn, thoughts?) I adore them. As in, I think these are the ones. I love the mix of textures, the twine, the birds, the natural look to them. Everything. I want. I need (I am needing a lot of things, aren't I?)But really, this is perfection to me.

{via 100 Layer cake}

I believe that is all for now. It's been a crazy week despite not actually working. Monday is my first day of orientation at Johns Hopkins, and I am completely pumped. I really can't express the gratitude I have for this new opportunity. I feel pretty blessed. I have been trying to make sure everything is lined up to get started, and know...jet across the country to watch my brother marry his soul mate.

Hope you all had had fantastic Labor Day weekends and short weeks!


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