I've been busy

It's true - I have been busy. I realize that is no excuse not to blog because most people in this world are, in fact, very busy. So, I guess I have also been lazy.

After returning from Florida, I attended a 3-day orientation at Johns Hopkins and then jetted off to my brother's wedding on the west coast. It was nothing short of amazing. The whole experience was fun, eye-opening and really makes me want to focus on exploring more adventurous areas around here. Portland is so cool, and Jill and Brandon live in such a spectacular area. There is a different attitude out there, and it was incredibly calming. I need to live simply - in so many ways - and take advantage of some of the things I have overlooked in the past.

Once I returned from Portland, I immediately started my new job at Johns Hopkins in their marketing department. I love it. It's one of those places where you immediately feel a part of a greater something, but also comforted enough that it feels like a second home. There is SO much going on, and I am just so excited to be a part of it.

In terms of our wedding, we actually checked a few things off of our list. I previously shared with you that we selected our flowers and DJ, but now our photographer is also confirmed. William Gray from Gray Pictures will be capturing our special day, and we couldn't be happier. Looking for a photographer was rough. I (yes, I) really wanted a particular style - think Jose Villa - for a reasonable price and close to Baltimore. While it wasn't a fun search, Bill Gray had all of the elements I was looking for... and more. He even loves and photographs dogs (the picture below is his work). That's pretty good considering he is going to have to get a good shot of our albino alien walking down the aisle. I wouldn't want that job. Most impressive to me, though, was that he wasn't just a wedding photographer. He does it all.

I am coming down off a pretty high high after traveling to Portland and watching/experiencing my brothers wedding. I really hope to get back there soon, but I also hope to add in the elements of happiness that I felt there to my life here.


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