Bye Bye Ring

Two weeks ago as I was sitting minding my own little business, I noticed that one of the pave diamonds in the halo part of my ring was sitting funny. Sickened that I could possibly LOSE a little baby diamond, I took it the very next day to Radcliffe to say "FIX IT!" I didn't really say it like that, but you know what I mean. I FELT like saying it that way. Anyway, they said it was definitely fixable, and three days later they called me back to say I could pick it up.

In the three days I didn't have my ring, I whined a lot (shocker) and told everyone I felt naked, but once I got it back and saw how sparkly and shiny it was, I got over it. It was like a brand new ring. Jared was the one who picked it up and he actually asked me to marry him this time when he gave it to me (you know, unlike the first time he pseudo asked me to marry him without actually saying the words, but rather looked like a dying, scared little boy).

Fast forward a week and half (Friday). I was sitting at my desk at work, looked down at my hand and *GASP* a little baby pave diamond was missing. MISSING! Happy Friday to you too pretty little ring.

So, I rushed back to Radcliffe's after work and said "REALLY FIX IT!" I should note that this time I went to a different Radcliffe - one that is 2 miles from our house. I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but it seems important to mention. The jeweler looked at it with his funny little magnifying contraption and said that - ACTUALLY - another diamond was almost loose. So, to be safe and to make sure my ring isn't defected, they sent it back to the designer and he has to reset the little diamonds and make sure everything is perfect. I was told that may take three weeks. grrrrrrr.

My hand's naked again.


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