Wedding Counseling - Communication Session

In order for Rev. Taylor Smith to marry us,  Jared and I are required to take four wedding counseling sessions. While initially it didn't sound all that fun, it has actually been extremely eye-opening and helpful thus far. I think many people have to complete different types of counseling or pre-marriage courses before getting married, but I truly believe that the For a Lifetime classes that the Pastoral Services of Maryland offers is very straight-forward and refreshing.

For example, during the session that covered communication, we learned how to fight fairly. How can you really do that you ask? Well, take a look at the document we received. How often can you say that you really argue this dipolmatically? Probably not often, but I think it's completely possible to do this. Maybe Jared and I are into a lot of this self-improvement stuff, but how could it hurt, you know?

Anyway, this is just one little example of some of the things we are covering.  It isn't just psychobabble or religious persuading. We are discussing real-life situations and learning models of behavior that could really assist us in the future. I like it.


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