Rehearsal and brunch invites

Surprise! I actually was able to post during the week. (Confession: I totally wrote this yesterday and pre-scheduled this one because that is what a good blogger would do - not that I can even pretend to be one).

BUT, I also was able to be home all evening because "Brad" from Heritage Mazda called in sick and the other workers apparently didn't know where my stuff was. As in, they weren't aware that a) my car was there and b) what service it required.  Ummm, that's comforting. Thanks for nothing, Heritage Mazda. I am glad one service man disrupts your flow of service for the entire day. I'm not bitter, though.

Anyway, like most weddings, we have a rehearsal dinner the evening before our wedding. Wendy wanted me to find some cute invites for this, but she also wanted me to find something for the brunch the day after the wedding that complimented it.

So guess where I went? ETSY! And thanks to a wonderful lady named Kim Henrie, we found some super cute invites in her Silly Me Design store.

Dinner (this is just a sample so don't go getting any ideas that we are having some dual purpose rehearsal dinner to announce babies and such. I just didn't want to include all of the nitty gritty details on this here world wide web.)

Brunch: Again, this is a sample with dummy text.  Wendy and my mom wanted to provide the out-of-towner's staying in the hotel with some grub prior to hitting the road or checking out the city. Thanks, moms!

I think they look great and it was fun to incorporate some new colors into the wedding. I think some people's refrigerator doors are getting rather full.


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