3 weeks to go

I fear that this week is going to be tad crazy. Well, I think every week from here on out is going to be total chaos, but it seems we have something every night that is sort of wedding related. As a result, not only will I be forced to work out in the mornings with no option of going in the evening in case I oversleep, I also will not be able to play on the internet in the evenings (in other words blog).

Here's the ugly schedule for this week, (And yes I realize normal busy people who juggle school, work, second jobs, etc. think this is nothing. But, I can come from the thinking that any sort of scheduled event on a weekday night is a punishment. I NEED my sleep).

Monday: Pick up my car from the Mazda, because I had to get new tires. This isn't wedding related, but it still interrupts my ability to be home all evening. What can I say, I LOATHE errands or activities in the evening. And this also requires a huge chunk of change at such a convenient time. Sarcasm. Look how new and shiny my car was at one point? This was in 2004 when I first got it. Poor thing.

Tuesday: Meet with the wedding planner at our venue to discuss final details!! Too bad we have this big form to complete, and I don't have everything filled in yet. Oops. AND THEN, straight from there we need to meet with the Jewish officiant who will be participating in our wedding. That evening sounds like it's going to go way past our bedtime.

Wednesday: Attend the third of four wedding counseling classes. Mind you, our appointment doesn't begin until 8pm and it lasts for 50 minutes. We are total geriatrics and will likely fall asleep driving home. 

Thursday: I will attend my second (and hopefully final) dress fitting, and Jared will be going to see his other love, Eddie Veder, with some friends. 

Friday: Have a sushi date night and go to sleep early, because THAT is our ideal night. :) Yes, we are awesome.


spiffykerms said...

You have a white mazda3 too!! I was on the hunt for mine...for what seemed like aaaaaages. But in reality (ok it was a long time) 9 months!!

I have a hatch! :)

Ashley said...

I do, and it's my precious little baby! It is true, it zooms around quite nicely, and I still love it. :)

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