Your blog is boring

A conversation between my mom and I on Skype:

Mom: Have you updated your blog?
Me: No
Mom: Oh, well you really should, that last one is getting really boring.
Me: Yeaaaaaa, I'm awesome.

Yes, I know. It's been a bit crazy. As expected and like I have mentioned, things are getting a LOT busier now that the wedding is nearly a month away. However, I know that is no excuse to withhold all the juicy details from all of you. :)

In technology news, Wendy, my mom and I hold many, many skype wedding meetings. It's kind of amazing, that there technology. So, when I am not at work, this is my life right now:

As you can see, the topic of discussion at that time was ties. I think the groomsmen already know this, but we are getting them their ties as a gift. And, it's not easy. We already have Jared's tie (I seriously type the word Tai every time I try to type the word tie. Obsessed much?) Actually, you can take a quick peak at it below.

It's hard to find a tie to match this, keep in line with the color scheme and also rock my socks off. But, I think I have some pretty good contenders. Who knew selecting a tie (did it again, TAI), would be so difficult?


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