A loss

Today our family suffered a big loss. My great aunt, Garnetta, who you may remember from my Pittsburgh shower, unexpectedly passed away.

Of course, any time someone dies it's unexpected. It just seems more difficult when everything seems fine and then out of the blue, they are not. My great aunt wasn't a spring chicken, but she still had her zest about her. In the end, she suffered an infection that her body could not handle, and within hours things went from okay to fatal. It's never easy and it never makes sense. 

You may not know this but we also lost my cousin Tiffany (above) last year, and that was my Aunt Garnetta's granddaughter. Tiffany was just barely into her 30's, and it was incredibly difficult to grasp how something like that could really happen. My aunt Garnetta and Tiffany were always very close growing up, and I have this feeling that Tiffany really needed some company. It's the only way my head makes sense of this.

While I would love to have them both at our wedding, I truly feel like they both will be there...together. And in some ways it makes me feel better knowing that Tiffany actually has someone there with her watching down as Caelin (Tiffany's son) tries to wrangle Tai Poochie down the aisle. We will be missing them and thinking of them a lot that night. They should be there. But, there is obviously a greater plan, and it gives me a little bit of comfort thinking that finally have each other again.


mommy g said...

Beautiful writing, Ashley!!!

Kathleen said...

This is a really beautiful post, Ash. Your Aunt and cousin are undoubtedly smiling down on you!! Love you!

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