Monday Musings

I haven't done a style/inspiration post in a while, and it certainly isn't because of a lack of inspiring details out there. So, without further babble, check out my latest loves:
I love the photography and hairstyle of the top picture and the absolutely exquisite and antique style of the jewelry on the bottom. The mix of metals on that ring is perfect. TO DIE FOR. I want it. Can I have it? I am not even remotely joking. I swear.

A little pop of color on the feet ;)

The different prints for the bridesmaids dresses work perfectly here. I really like the mixing of materials and prints, and I particularly like this one because it's done with yellow and gray!

A beautiful bolero made by Russian artist TianaChe that would compliment a simple dress so well. I love the ruffles and flowers (do I even need to point that out?) I probably need to consider investing in something like this to keep me warm in case the weather is crappy. Although, I may want to focus on finding a veil first! Mom(s), what do you think?

{via Eco Chic Wedding}

P.S. I totally want that ring up there. Really badly.


mommy g said...

Keep wishing for the ring!!! I didn't see it in the budget!??!?!?!?!?!!?
As for the little ruffle jacket, I LOVE IT!!!

Ashley said...

This coming from the woman who was just given a GIANT, multi-stoned ring. Budget Smudget.

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