The Great Tablecloth Debate

I am not going to lie. I am frustrated...with tablecloths. What a stupid thing to be frustrated over - I know - but, I just don't seem to feel one way or the other about them. Our venue offers some very simple linens that I could use OR I could rent some from a local vendor. I could also mix and match if I want. That's the part I don't know - WHAT I WANT! It seems silly to spend money on something I am not feeling one way or the other about, but I it's something I may actually care a lot about when I see it.

When I envision the tables, I don't see a tablecloth sticking out that much. But, I can see how it brings things together. It could definitely help the ambiance of a room. In terms of the cocktail hour, that room may need a little punch of color with some tablecloths. Same goes for the room where we will be shaking our tailfeathers.

So, how do you feel about tablecloths? Do they make a room? Should I DIY? Should I rent the ones for dinner and then maybe do a mish mash of ones for the cocktail hour/dance floor? I need help, obviously. In six months, I know I will look back and think, "really, Ashley, tablecloths? Who cares?!"

I need some thoughts on this...please. :)


mommy g said...


Do I get to give my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you are going to say :(

Jill Aki said...

you know how people say they felt like they made such a big deal over the littlest thing and then on their wedding day they didn't even notice? well, i clearly remember sitting down for dinner at the kennedy school, looking at the linens and thinking to myself, "wow, i am so glad we chose peach with forest green as an accent". but i'm really really REALLY into color coordinating. ask brandon, my cd books are categorized by the color of the cd and my clothes have to match/compliment the color of the hanger in my closet. if you want help picking out colors - call me this weekend!

Ashley said...

Thanks, Jill! Funny thing is, I too am very into color coordination. My closet is the same way, and I have a tendency to over-do everything because of my color obsession. So, that said, I am thinking, I just go for it to make sure I don't freak out. Hmmmmm

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