75 days

While in my head 75 days seems like a lot of time, when I think of the time we have left to plan in terms of weekends, it's not all that much. Next weekend, I will be devoting all my time to fitblogging, and I am even staying in a hotel downtown with my friend, Kathleen. Because we are going to run a 5k early Saturday before the conference starts, we thought it would be best to have a place we could get ready quickly. I mentioned the conference a few months ago, and I am so excited it's finally here. It will be great to finally meet some of the bloggers that I feel like I already know, plus test out some of the gear they are offering to attendees. Expect a full recap next week.

The following weekend is my bachelorette party in Florida - WOOHOO! I seriously can't even believe it's so soon. Granted, I have no idea of the activities we will be partaking in, I am sure it will be absolutely perfect thanks to the wonderful planning of my bridesmaids. :) I really could use some sun. I will be parking my very pale body right in one of those chairs.

During the time we are there, our invites are supposed to go out. And...I haven't actually sent in my final list yet to the printers. EEKS! But, she said it shouldn't take more than a week to turn them around, so I'm not that worried. The good thing, though, is that our designer said she already started printing the invitations, RSVP card and return addres labels, so printing out the envelopes shoudln't be too hard. I can't wait to see them; I can't wait for everyone to see them!

Then, the weekend after that is Easter (and my first dress fitting - whaaaaa!), and then the one after that is my shower in Pittsburgh. It's going to be a crazy, but wonderful few weeks.

One of the things I seemed to overlook is outfits for the Pittsburgh shower, rehearsal dinner, the bachelorette party and the honeymoon! Being that I have a love of clothes, it's one of the fun things that I couldn't believe I put last on the list. Not to worry, though, I did find some adorable dresses (and no, they aren't all from Anthropologie), but they are cute. While I won't share the outfits I bought, I thought it would be fun to share some of the accessories I found to compliment some of the outfits. :)

I have been eyeing this belt for a while now and think it would be cute with so many dresses. And, if you know me, you are aware that I pretty much live in dresses all summer long. So, it may or may not make an appearance.

I think this bracelet will look darling with one dress I bought which I think I am going to wear to the rehearsal dinner. If not then, then definitely for the honeymoon. I just love the mix of metal and leather. The shop I bought it from, Ruche, has some adorable clothes and accesories for a great price. They offer a vintage vibe with some eco-friendly options as well.

Have a great week all, and thanks for reading. I get so excited when someone else tells me that they read my blog. It makes me wish I did it more often.


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