Fitness and Flower Fun

This morning I wore my Fitbloggin t-shirt by Thriv to work out, and I have to tell you, it is soooo soft. I actually wish I hadn't worn it to work out so that I could wear it now and to bed. I gave it a true sweat test, and while it did wick pretty well, I think my lululemon ones absorb a wee bit better.

I also gave these little guys a try...

I never realized how much socks can impact a run, but they are critical in preventing blisters. I learned this last year when getting properly fitted for running shoes, and I haven't looked back. So when I got a free pair from New Balance (because these babies don't come cheap), I was thrilled! They even have a little left and right letter on each them - how cute is that? In all seriousness though, good socks can really affect a workout.

I thought it was going to be a tough workout/morning being that I couldn't breathe, but this odd contraption pretty much saved me!

Have you ever used a Neti Pot (this video KILLS me by the way)?Well, it certainly isn't the most glamorous device, but it works wonders on the sinuses. It really helps me clear me up, and I think I will be perfect in time for my flight on Thursday.

Tonight, Jared and I met with our florist Karen Lock. She is such a joy to work with, and she really gets our vision. She showed us our centerpieces, and we went over what flowers will be going where. I just loved it all! Her ideas were so helpful and she really pulled everything together.

Karen offers such a beautiful, simple touch, and thank god she knows the names of flowers, because I certainly don't. I think I can now officially say, flowers - check!


mommy g said...

Yep its me commenting again..............
The UGH Mother in law!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karen Lock is fantastic and is on her way to making Ashley's vision of her wedding come true!!!!!

~*~Leanne~*~ said...

Ashley, I've been reading this blog since you started it and I CAN NOT WAIT to see pictures of your wedding! I love reading about all your little finds and ideas. :-)

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