Wedding Bands - Check!

Welp, we crossed off a pretty big to-do on the list today. We selected and bought our wedding bands!

We are both absolutely in love with them and want to wear them NOW. Actually, Jared asked me (in the store when making the final purchase) if we could start wearing them as soon we had them in hand as he didn't realize that you only get them at the ceremony. He said, and I quote, "Oh, I thought we just took them off at the wedding and put them back on during the ceremony." I had to giggle a little bit at that. Although, my brother did wear his as an engagement ring too, so it would make sense how he would think that. Come to think of it, maybe men should wear one just like women do to show they are "off the market." Hmmmmmm.

Moving on - on Tuesday, we are finally sitting our butts down with our wedding coordinator, Austin, at Grey Rock and selecting the menu. This will give us a firm price per head so that we now know exactly how much we need to save to have all of our dearest family and friends there with us. It's hard to truly understand the budget without this.

To top if all off, we will be selecting our invitations next week with Maryn, so that makes things feel like they are moving. It's funny because it all of a sudden went from "oh, you guys have a plennnnnnty of time" to "oh guys really need to get moving on stuff."

It is time to get down to business....but FIRST, I get to experience my best friends wedding THIS SATURDAY!!! I can't wait to see how everything came together and to see the look on E's face on that day. I don't even have words.


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