Four months, a finch and a pop of color

That's right, we are down to four months. I can't believe it, actually. We gave ourselves SO much time that none of the planning seemed "urgent." Other than the initial booking of the venue because it's over Memorial Day weekend, we haven't had to really rush very much. Well, it's time to get serious.

Now, we don't have to get crazy, but each week, there is something that has to be done for the wedding. I am SO happy to say, however, that we found our invitations. And...we found them on Etsy!! I would put the designers name, but if you looked her up, you would totally know which ones we selected. :)  I'll give you a little visual hint, though.

It kind of happened by accident, and my mom was really the one that found them; but when I saw them, everything came together. And, that is because they aren't just invitations. We found the invitations, programs, table numbers and name cards. It's all in our color scheme, and it's perfect. For some reason that seemed to be a GIANT load off of my shoulders, because I just didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted. And, the kind I thought I wanted were CRAZY expensive. The ones we purchased, however, were not. Score.

In addition to the invitations, Jared has also been doing little tweaks to our site. One of things that Jared and I love is music. And, we want it to be just right on our wedding day. To do that, we need all of our friend's help. We added a section to our website where you can submit your requests, and we will compile all of this for our DJ. I think a party is often driven by the music, and it's important that everyone can have some of their favorites played. So, with that said, come on and SUBMIT YOUR FAVORITE SONGS!:  Just click on the "submit music" button.

Next, I have to work on some of the fun and accessories. On one hand, I would LOVE to pick a vibrant pair of shoes that would pop. On the other hand, my dress isn't all that poofy, and my brightly colored, hot shoes may just come off as distracting. So, I am on a mission to find out what is perfect for me. Suggestions are welcome. :)


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