Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello darling friends and family! I figured that while I didn't really have too many updates to give you about our wedding, I could still give you a little weekend wrap-up.

This weekend we stayed with our friends Matt and Tracy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings. Let me tell you this, they are amazing - ahmazing. They have a gorgeous home in Sea Girt, NJ, and were so fun. We went for bike rides, walked on the boardwalk, layed on the beach, hung out at the pool, had some REALLY good wine and laughed...a lot. It was the perfect weekend. Matt and Tracy are under one month from getting married, so they are really doing all the last minute action items. Of course, they seem completely calm and ready for it all! I even got to see Tracy's bridesmaids dresses, because her sister went for the last fitting. ADORABLE!

We also stopped at the Jackson Prime Outlets on the way back - SCORE! Jared even bought some clothes, woohoo! I may have found myself a purse...or two.

You can view all the amazing pictures from the weekend here. I took approximately 983, 569 pictures while riding a bike, but it was totally worth it. The houses are amazing, and I want to live there...yesterday.

Oh, and one last thing. We booked our DJ - so cross that off of the ever-loving vendor list!

Happy Monday (if that even really exists)!


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