Blogging Buddy

I just had to share a quick picture of my blogging buddy. As I sit and think of things to share with all of you, he sits here and works really hard at looking cute. He does it so well that I end up taking 10,337 pictures of the same pose. I don't even know what to name the photo files in my computer, because how many files named "Tai sleeping," "Tai on bed," "Tai looking cute" can one person have??

I present to you the cutest blogging buddy ever. Don't you just want to cuddle up with "heeeim?"


mommy g said...

We are very proud of our grandson and we are sure that he will be a very good boy at the wedding. Wouldn't it be nice if ALL of his doggie aunts and uncles were invited???

Ashley said...

While it may be nice, I am not sure they would all ACT appropriately. Some of them are quite chatty.

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