All the Rage on the Netz Today

Today, I saw numerous tweets, facebook posts and emails all surrounding one video from a recent wedding that displayed a little booty shaking. Not going to lie, it was pretty funny, and it's below if you want to check it out (you definitely want to check it out).

I think it is incredibly important to include elements of the bride and groom's personality throughout the entire wedding. Weddings can be really boring if you can't "see" the bride or groom in it. So, I think it is fantastic that this couple decided to break it down and dance down the aisle. I also love that the party joined in and made it look like it was suppose to be - a fun celebration.

Honestly, if I could choreograph something and actually get Jared to dance, I might do it too. Maybe. Lord knows, both of our moms want us to do something like that.

But, I digress. Weddings can be grand and glorious, but if they don't share a little bit of you, what is the point? I would rather have and attend a wedding where the guests enjoy themselves and feel like they got to know the couple just a little better that day. Don't you agree?


mommy g said...

Maybe you can both be CREATIVE doing your FIRST DANCE????

dance lessons start at Fred Astaire Dance Studio the end of August. ARE YOU GUYS IN?? DADDY G AND I AND THE ROSENS ARE!!!

Kim said...

im sure you could come up with something ms dancer. i <3 that video.

Jared did an ahhmayyzinng job on the save the dates and the site! love it. and i love that you're going to be blogging it out. subscribe. :)

Ashley said...

Thanks, Kimberwom!! I was pretty impressed with Jared's web abilities too. Who knew??!

Maybe I will keep up with this a little longer than that one blog I used to subscribe too - something about one picture a day. I don't know, it was pretty cool, though ;)

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