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While I am still at the point where I could - if I wanted to - change the color scheme of the wedding, I am pretty sure I have known all along what I wanted everything to look and feel like.

I have been saving images for quite some time of what I like, and I have to give most of the credit to one blog in particular that I stumbled across before Jared and I even became engaged. It was pictures of a wedding that I actually felt connected to - as if I could actually do it. For some reason the thought of being married didn't scare me so much as the whole wedding ordeal. The research, the meetings, the pressure, the invites - it all seemed too much. But, after seeing this one blog entry on, everything pretty much changed. And finally, I started to envision what I wanted on our special day.

That said, below are a view images from that very blog as well as a few from, that has guided me through the inspiration process. I don't want to give everything away, but by sharing some of the images I see in my head, I think you will begin to see exactly what I (we) are hoping to create. :)

The chairs in the picture above is the kind I believe we are going have at ours as well. And how cute are the flowers on the ground?
I love the yellow and white theme and the vintage/romantic feel to the flowers and the cake. And, I am obsessed with the little cake toppers.

So, what are your thoughts?


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