Moving along nicely...

Hello lovely readers. :)

The wedding planning is definitely picking up and progressing. I found my shoes!!! I know I mentioned that I wanted something unique, comfy and super awesome. And, I am pretty sure I have found them; although, I have yet to actually try them on my lovely "dogs." I should be receiving them in the mail this week, and I hope they are as fantastic and comfortable in person as they are online. As a hint, they may or may not look similar to one of these shoes. ;)


Honestly, it's none of those, but I like all three of these hot shoes.  And, there is one similarity in my shoes from each one of the shoes pictured above.  Hehehe, oh how I wish I could reveal all of my finds on this little here bloggy, but that wouldn't make things very fun on May 29th, would it?


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