Creative Shower Gift

Many people asked me about the poem that came along with one of the multi-part shower gifts I received, so I thought I would share it on here as well. The gift revolved around the poem, and I had to open gifts where it said to in the poem. Check it out below, and click on the links to see the gift:

Your wedding is a big day for you. It will be the happiest day of your (open gift 1). It's the day when you and Jared (open gift 2) your love for each other. I am (open gift 3) it will be a (open gift 4) day and you will look (open gift 5) in you wedding gown. Your (open gift 6) will be to bring (open gift 7) and (open gift 8) into each others lives. Yet, there will be times when you scream and (open gift 9), but you will (open gift 10) right back with love and (open gift 11). I know that happiness will always (open gift 11) over your both because you have done a wonderful job in choosing each other. I am (open gift 12) for both of you and I know your marriage will be (open gift 13)!!!

Hopefully, you tried to guess what some of the items were before clicking on them, but it was definitely one of my favorite gifts. Not only was it clever and cute, I can use each and every single I item included.

I am hoping to use this on someone else someday (who hopefully doesn't read this blog).


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