Monday Loves

In the middle of the snowpocalypse that we are dealing with here, I have been trying to keep myself busy looing at pretty things. With 30 inches of snow already on the ground, and possibly 20 more, my 764,329 blogs are keeping me going right now. So, without further babble, I came across another yellow/grey themed wedding that I thought was too cute for words and wanted to share. I definitely could see myself doing some of these things. Actually, I almost don't want to share this because you may end up seeing some very similar things.


I really like the touches of yellow in the table settings. It shows what a bright little napkin can do.  And then we have this little diddy of a table topper, and it's pretty much spot on with our style. The gray pattern on the six is just perfect. And, I am pretty sure I see a bird. Hmmmmmm.

And come someone please make me an awesome quilt (pictured in the middle), so we could do something as charming as this? Seriously, this is ridiculous. It's so creative, thoughtful and ever-lasting. I want one. Now. Give me.


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