Happy Valentine's Day

Just because I don't particularly love the hoopla of Valentine's Day doesn't mean I don't enjoy some parts of it. For example, it's actually Jared and my anniversary. We both totally agree that it's completely cheesy, but it just happened that way. Four years ago today, Jared and I decided to kick the old friend routine up a notch. :) Anyway, I kind of felt like crap today from too much fun last night, but it was a great weekend spent with our friends Matt and Tracy. And, it was nice to have a double date full of laughs and yummy food.

Anywho, moving on to more wedding-related things, I was able to accomplish one wedding task today; I bought my shoes!! I so wish I could share them on here, but I am trying to fight the urge to give everything away. Regardless, they definitely aren't your traditional bride shoe, but they totally scream "Ashley." My mom actually found them, and knew it would they would be perfect. I'm also happy to report that I purchased them from an eco-friendly online store, which made the shoes that much sweeter. I just hope they fit.

On a totally unrelated note, I stumbled across the most adorable short wedding dress today by Elizabeth Dye. It's darling.  I almost went with a shorter dress, but out of luck found a long that I really loved. Had I not found it, this would have been RIGHT up my alley. The attention to detail on this dress is amazing.


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