On my owl obsession

First of all, I was totally overwhelmed by the response on my last post. Thank you for all the helpful comments.....oh wait....I didn't...right. Grandma, I will teach you how to comment later.

Secondly, I felt the need to share how my owl obsession began. I am starting to see trendy owl things pop up, and I don't like it one bit. Not ONE bit. I don't like it because it will make all the owl things I ooooh and ahhh over seem cheapened.

Anywho, I have never seen an owl in real life. I heard them ALL the time while growing up in the woods, but I never saw one. But then, my friend Chara who is in vet school happened to be working in the wildlife ward (I actually don't even think she knows this). She posted some pictures of her time there, and POOF, I was jelly. She worked on a male great horned owl with neurological disorders and posted a picture of it. It was unreal. I have never seen something so beautiful and intriguing.  Check them out. Those EYES!

So then the other day, I happened to stumble upon another post that instantly jolted me into "SEE, THAT IS WHY I LOVE OWLS SO MUCH PEOPLE!" mode.  Kate Pruitt posted the pictures below on HER blog, but she found them here. But, after looking at these pictures (and potentially reading the story of how that couple helped out the owl), how can you NOT love them? They look like magical creatures, and I apparently live in a magical world.


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