So We're Starting a Wedding Blog...

It comes with great surprise that I decided I wanted to include a blog on our wedding site. Yes, that was a lot of I's in something that is supposed to be a we thing. Just go with it. Jared was kind enough to create the website for us, and I just wanted to make it that much more usual.

That said, I am usually the type to read blogs, not write them. Well, that's not true. I write them professionally, but I never really reveal that much about myself. This is a stretch for me because I am not bound to 140 characters ;) Anyway, despite the fact that I was anti-wedding for quite some time, I have somehow come to LOVE all of the little details of wedding planning. I should clarify that, though. I don't particularly like making decisions or researching things for our wedding, I just spot beautiful things that I want to instantly make an appearance at our wedding.

So, lo and behold, I thought we could have a blog where I let my friends and family know where we are at in the wedding planning process and share some of the beautiful things I find that we couldn't possibly all include in our wedding. My mind changes on a daily basis for colors, styles, locations, etc., so I had to buckle down and make a choice. That, however, doesn't mean I stopped envisioning other awesome weddings.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this, and hopefully I won't be the worst wedding planner ever.


mommy g said...

This website is beautifully creative. I am going to love watching this memorable event evolve!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love u....mommy g

mommy g said...

I am going to be loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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